Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Words Of Remembrance

Words of Rememberance

From Freedom of my Soul I decided to go low

To assist Mother Earth in her wish to grow

Once again United by our Love

We chose to come Trully as One

With many limits I became very timid

And as time passed I forgot why it lasted

Encased in unknowing in a Hope of showing

My True Self to the self whom I thought to be

In this vivid dream

Falsely believing, others deceiving

But in that action I lost my attraction

To a deity known as Fear

Finally releasing my tears

Showing who I Am to whom I can

To Light the way to Knowing

In the truth that is Glowing

In you as well as in me

And we can´t no longer be deceived

Jere Viinonen (c) 2011

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